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Silage Sides


Silage sides complete with half height front mesh and canopy.


Standard silage kit plus full front mesh panel with brace bar (in lieu of canopy).


Standard kit plus full front mesh panel and reversible extra side panel.


Standard kit plus full length deflector panel with brace bar and full front mesh panel (no canopy).

Silage sides are available in four basic configurations as shown to suit any loading method.

(These four options are all available for the standard silage kit price)

Standard features include :-

Silage Sides and Hydraulic Tailboards

Silage sides can be fitted to a trailer with a Contractor Hydraulic Tailboard. The tailboard is left on the trailer and a panel is supplied to fit on top of it to form the silage tailboard which is operated hydraulically.

Our Standard Hydraulic Tailboard is not compatible with silage sides and the tailboard will need to be removed before the silage sides can be fitted.

Full Panel Rear Door

A full panel rear silage door is available as an option.

Silage leaflet